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Manfaat pembelajaran micro teaching


TECSOL is a course for learning how to teach English to children from age 2 to 12 whose native laungage is not English. There are many jobs available for TECSOL certificate holders. They include the following:
● At kindergartens or primary schools
● At private English language schools
● By franchising well-known private English schools
● By opening your own business
● By working as a casual teacher (or as a volunteer)

Who is the TECSOL Course for?
  1. People who would like to teach English to children
  2. People who would like to educate their own children as bilingual speakers
  3. People who already have a teaching qualification for Kindergarten or Primary School and would like to learn how to teach English to develop their career
  4. People who love children and who would like to educate people to communicate in English and have a global vision
  5. People who are looking for a new career with respect to English education
Practicum at a Kindergarten
LETS arranges two weeks of practical experience at a kindergarten. This is not compulsory unless students want the J-shine course. In the first week, students assist teachers who are working in the kindergarten, and teach English to children in the second week. The children's mother tongue is not English so students are able to teach English in a practical way.
Field Work at a Primary School (J-Shine course)
In the J-Shine course, it is compulsory to assist in ESL lessons at primary schools in Sydney. By doing this, students learn how ESL lessons are organised in Australia and how to manage classes.

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